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Functional Capacity Evaluations

The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) utilizes a series of simulated work activity tests, evaluative procedures, questionnaires, and observation to determine the status of an individual’s occupational or functional ability. Peninsula Physical Therapy uses the ARCON system which computerizes all information obtained in an FCE to accurately compare a patient’s baseline status with the results of the FCE.

Why have an FCE?

  • Match candidate abilities to positions
  • Reduce insurance & medical costs
  • Identify workers status for Workers’ Compensation
  • Facilitate case management & case closure in litigation

FCE Testing Procedure
Testing is broken into different parts that start with a patient’s baseline information such as height, weight, diagnosis and job description. The job description should be sent either with the patient or with the referral and should include their type of work, frequency of specific jobs and amount and type of lifting done at their job.

Functional Capacity Evaluations are performed by certified, licensed personnel at the request of physicians, insurance companies, rehab nurses or attorneys.

FCE Testing Includes:

  • Spinal and Extremity Range of Motion – Uses an electronic goniometer to computerize all motion and its limitations that can affect a person’s working abilities.
  • Static Strength (lifting in different postures) – Requires a person to stand on a platform and pull on an immovable pulley. The computer calculates the amount of force that the person puts on the pulley.
  • Hand and Finger Strength – Tests the grip strength of each hand.
  • Lifting Capacity – Challenges a person’s ability to lift 5, 10 and up to 100lbs of their lifting limit. This test will rate the person’s perceived exertion level and compare it with their heart rate to determine if the weight lifted was in fact easy or difficult.
  • Method Times Measurement – Asks people to perform different tasks such as walking, climbing, crawling, etc. and compares their results to what is normal for a standard industrial worker.

Checks and Balances
All tests have standard measures that can tell if a person is not giving their full effort for testing purposes. Each test will test heart rate and perceived exertion and compare the two. Each test has several trials and the results are an average of all trials.

All tests require a certain level of cognitive functioning to perform tasks. If there is an issue with this or any of the above measures, each test has a comment section where the evaluator can manually enter any deviations or problems with testing.

The Report
The final report will give a listing of the jobs in the person’s job description that they can and cannot perform based on the FCE tests.

The evaluator will provide the referral source with a detailed summary of the patient’s response to the FCE.

The Appoinment
THE TESTING USUALLY TAKES 3-4 HOURS. You will be called about three days in advance to remind you of the appointment. Please notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to keep your appointment. We cannot change your appointment without approval of the individual who requested the evaluation.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes. You may be asked to change into shorts for the assessment and may want to bring your own.

Please contact Peninsula Physical Therapy if you have additional questions or to set up an appointment.